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THE STAT CREW SYSTEM FDU-Florham Game-by-Game Highs (as of Feb 20, 2010) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at William Paterson 11/16/09 60-87 L 15-Adam Katz 4-Derek Hall 3-Bobby Faiges 2-Mike Williams None Alex Rosario Bobby Faiges at Drew Rangers 11/18/09 72-77 OL 25-Ricky Fetske 15-Ricky Fetske 5-Bobby Faiges 4-Martin Johnso 2-Ricky Fetske Adam Katz at Elon 11/20/09 68-102 L 20-Adam Katz 5-Derek Hall 3-Adam Katz 3-Adam Katz 1-Ricky Fetske at Stevens 11/24/09 62-78 L 17-Martin Johnso 6-Adam Katz 4-Bobby Faiges 2-Bobby Faiges 1-Ricky Fetske Adam Katz Martin Johnso Adam Katz DELAWARE VALLEY 12/2/09 72-73 L 23-Adam Katz 13-Ricky Fetske 5-Adam Katz 1-Martin Johnso 2-Ricky Fetske Ricky Fetske Mike Williams Adam Katz at Wilkes 12/5/09 62-75 L 24-Adam Katz 9-Ricky Fetske 2-Adam Katz 1-Ricky Fetske 1-Ricky Fetske Derek Hall George Twill George Twill at Hunter College 12/07/09 71-85 L 26-Adam Katz 11-Ricky Fetske 5-Bobby Faiges 3-Martin Johnso 1-Ricky Fetske vs Regis College 01/02/10 69-70 L 31-Adam Katz 9-Andrew Bianco 5-Bobby Faiges 3-Adam Katz 4-Ricky Fetske vs Lancaster Bible 01/03/10 67-80 L 19-Ricky Fetske 12-Ricky Fetske 2-Adam Katz 1-Adam Katz 2-Ricky Fetske Joe Missale George Twill TCNJ 1/6/10 69-86 L 20-Alex Rosario 9-Ricky Fetske 3-Danny Ciprut 2-Derek Hall 1-Ricky Fetske Alex Rosario Alex Henry at King's 01/09/10 62-79 L 22-Ricky Fetske 14-Ricky Fetske 4-Bobby Faiges None 1-Ricky Fetske STATEN ISLAND 1/11/10 68-71 L 20-George Twill 9-Ricky Fetske 3-Joe Missale 2-Andrew Bianco 1-Mike Williams Ricky Fetske Ricky Fetske George Twill MANHATTANVILLE 1/13/10 63-73 L 21-Ricky Fetske 11-Ricky Fetske 4-Bobby Faiges 3-Alex Rosario 4-Ricky Fetske DESALES 1/16/09 48-64 L 14-George Twill 9-Ricky Fetske 3-George Twill 3-Mike Williams 1-Ricky Fetske Mike Williams at Eastern 01/20/10 81-86 OL 19-Alex Rosario 20-Ricky Fetske 4-Ricky Fetske 3-Ricky Fetske 2-Ricky Fetske at Misericordia 1/23/10 67-81 L 12-Ricky Fetske 13-Ricky Fetske 5-Bobby Faiges 2-Ricky Fetske 1-Mike Williams Derek Hall LEBANON VALLEY 1/27/10 59-57 W 13-Adam Katz 8-Andrew Bianco 3-George Twill 2-Mike Williams None George Twill WILKES 1/30/10 58-61 L 14-Adam Katz 10-Ricky Fetske 4-Adam Katz 2-Joe Missale None Ricky Fetske at Delaware Valley Colleg 2/3/10 61-78 L 15-Ricky Fetske 9-George Twill 7-Adam Katz 1-Adam Katz 1-Derek Hall KING'S 2/7/10 69-57 W 18-Mike Williams 8-Andrew Bianco 3-Adam Katz 2-Adam Katz 2-Ricky Fetske Derek Hall Joe Missale Alex Rosario Mike Williams CITY TECH 2/8/10 62-50 W 17-Andrew Bianco 7-Andrew Bianco 3-Mike Williams 1-Joe Missale None Adam Katz Derek Hall Danny Ciprut Andrew Bianco Adam Katz MISERICORDIA 2/13/10 64-66 L 17-Andrew Bianco 12-Ricky Fetske 2-Adam Katz 1-George Twill 1-George Twill Andrew Bianco Mike Williams Ricky Fetske Alex Rosario Derek Hall
THE STAT CREW SYSTEM FDU-Florham Game-by-Game Highs (as of Feb 20, 2010) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Adam Katz EASTERN 2/16/10 65-59 W 21-Adam Katz 12-Ricky Fetske 5-Adam Katz 2-Adam Katz 1-Ricky Fetske George Twill at Manhattanville 02/18/10 56-78 L 20-Ricky Fetske 14-Ricky Fetske 2-Adam Katz 2-Alex Rosario 2-Ricky Fetske at DeSales University 2/20/10 46-73 L 11-Derek Hall 8-Ricky Fetske 3-Joe Missale 2-George Twill 1-Andrew Bianco Alex Rosario