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THE STAT CREW SYSTEM FDU-Florham Game-by-Game Highs (as of Feb 21, 2009) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vs Susquehanna 11/15/08 49-65 L 18-Emily Ceranko 11-Danielle Mich 2-Kate Benedit 3-Kate Benedit 2-Meghan Lentin vs Ramapo 11/16/08 79-55 W 27-Emily Ceranko 11-Shealyn Tagga 2-Emily Ceranko 3-Kate Benedit 2-Shealyn Tagga Shealyn Tagga ST. ELIZABETH 11/18/08 65-54 W 20-Emily Ceranko 10-Courtney Youn 4-Danielle Mich 5-Emily Ceranko 1-Matil Mangual Meghan Lentin Shealyn Tagga at New York University 11/21/08 47-76 L 15-Courtney Youn 10-Kate Benedit 4-Kate Benedit 5-Kate Benedit 3-Shealyn Tagga vs Rutgers-Camden 11/22/08 83-44 W 19-Emily Ceranko 8-Courtney Youn 6-Kate Benedit 6-Danielle Mich 2-Emily Ceranko NEW JERSEY CITY 11/25/08 73-57 W 22-Danielle Mich 10-Danielle Mich 7-Courtney Youn 5-Emily Ceranko 3-Shealyn Tagga DESALES 12/3/08 72-78 L 20-Emily Ceranko 6-Danielle Mich 6-Courtney Youn 5-Emily Ceranko 3-Shealyn Tagga Danielle Mich KING'S 12/6/08 60-34 W 23-Emily Ceranko 10-Courtney Youn 6-Emily Ceranko 2-Emily Ceranko 2-Shealyn Tagga at Ramapo College of NJ 12/9/08 49-45 W 15-Emily Ceranko 10-Kate Benedit 4-Kate Benedit 4-Danielle Mich 1-Matil Mangual Shealyn Tagga vs Albany Pharmacy 1/2/08 62-48 W 14-Kate Benedit 10-Courtney Youn 6-Kate Benedit 3-Kate Benedit 1-Meghan Lentin Lynn Lopez at Lycoming College 1/3/09 52-60 L 16-Danielle Mich 16-Shealyn Tagga 7-Courtney Youn 3-Courtney Youn 2-Shealyn Tagga DELAWARE VALLEY 1/7/09 71-76 L 17-Danielle Mich 13-Danielle Mich 5-Danielle Mich 2-Danielle Mich 1-Danielle Mich at Wilkes 1/10/09 52-67 L 16-Courtney Youn 11-Danielle Mich 5-Meghan Lentin 3-Courtney Youn 1-Matil Mangual Shealyn Tagga at Alvernia 01/14/09 67-74 L 22-Emily Ceranko 8-Meghan Lentin 7-Danielle Mich 3-Courtney Youn 3-Matil Mangual MISERICORDIA 1/17/09 49-40 W 14-Emily Ceranko 9-Emily Ceranko 3-Danielle Mich 3-Courtney Youn 3-Matil Mangual Matil Mangual Shealyn Tagga at Eastern 01/19/09 48-49 L 13-Matil Mangual 14-Emily Ceranko 3-Emily Ceranko 4-Danielle Mich 1-Emily Ceranko Meghan Lentin at Manhattanville 01/21/09 71-73 L 18-Emily Ceranko 12-Meghan Lentin 7-Danielle Mich 2-Courtney Youn 2-Meghan Lentin at King's 1/24/09 58-59 L 13-Emily Ceranko 9-Emily Ceranko 5-Danielle Mich 4-Shealyn Tagga 3-Shealyn Tagga Meghan Lentin EASTERN 1/29/09 53-47 W 12-Emily Ceranko 9-Meghan Lentin 2-Courtney Youn 2-Danielle Mich 2-Matil Mangual Danielle Mich Danielle Mich Meghan Lentin Shealyn Tagga at DeSales University 1/31/09 44-64 L 18-Courtney Youn 11-Meghan Lentin 3-Brittni Kholi 1-Shealyn Tagga 3-Shealyn Tagga Mae Morales Danielle Mich Courtney Youn at Delaware Valley Coll 02/04/09 68-61 W 19-Emily Ceranko 12-Courtney Youn 8-Courtney Youn 4-Emily Ceranko 1-Matil Mangual Courtney Youn Danielle Mich WILKES 2/7/09 50-42 W 15-Emily Ceranko 12-Shealyn Tagga 4-Danielle Mich 4-Courtney Youn 2-Shealyn Tagga Courtney Youn at Misericordia 2/11/09 46-59 L 20-Emily Ceranko 13-Courtney Youn 4-Courtney Youn 4-Courtney Youn None ALVERNIA 2/17/09 55-78 L 18-Emily Ceranko 6-Meghan Lentin 5-Courtney Youn 2-Meghan Lentin 2-Danielle Mich Emily Ceranko Shealyn Tagga MANHATTANVILLE 2/21/09 66-73 OL 22-Emily Ceranko 14-Meghan Lentin 5-Emily Ceranko 4-Danielle Mich 3-Shealyn Tagga